The Times Bar will take you to the roof of the four-star Ambassador Hotel, place you in a soft chair in our terrace and show a breathtaking panoramic view of the center of Bishkek. And while you relax, inhaling the fresh coolness of the air, our chefs will make for you culinary masterpieces of fusion cuisine: delicious salads, soups and snacks, juicy meat and vegetables from the Hosper ... Mmm ... Our menu can cater to any gastronomic preferences. Our staff will help to realize your wishes among alcoholic beverages, doing a guide in the wine list or any other type of alcohol from the widest range.

And when the weather isn’t sunny, we offer you a pastime in our inner hall with a warming atmosphere in the English style. If the summer terrace attracts with the city’s dynamism and its fresh cool air, then the inner hall attracts you with its calmness and comfort, which are so necessary to warm up in cold weather.

If you want to celebrate an important event with your loved ones, discuss business issues with colleagues, have a romantic dinner with your beloved person, or simply have a rest with friends and family - the Times Bar will help to organize any event for you and create the necessary atmosphere.

The Times Bar is a different atmosphere every time. To create this, we conduct thematic evenings for our visitors with special dinner menu. Are you a foreign visitor or you come with a colleague or friend who does not speak local languages? There won’t be any problems with communication, because our waiters speak English and help each client to feel comfortable as possible. We are sure that you will appreciate the combination of delicious cuisine and a relaxing interior with impeccable service.